Review: Satechi typ C Multi-Port Adapter

Got yourselves a MacBook or MacBook Pro? Yes, it’s a stylish and great computer. BUT… most likely would you like to being able to connect a lot of things to the computer. And Apple have made it clear, if it doesn’t have an UBC-C connection, you will ned an handfull of adapters.

Apple seems incapable of developing a smart, good looking hub. Instead, they offer a lot of adapters with just one or a few features that also are ugly. (White plastic…) If you have a mac with only two USB-c connectors, it simply does not work if you want to be able to connect several devices at the same time.

So before you raid your Apple Store, start with thinking through what kind of adapter you should buy for your new, nice digital workplace. The best solution is multiport adapter or hub.

There is much more to choose from and among the best is the Satechi type C Multi-Port Adapter. Satechi Type C Multi-Port Adapter adds all of most connections one uses most often just by using one Type-C port. It has:

  • HDMI (4K)
  • pass-through charge
  • Ethernet
  • three USB Type A ports
  • SD card slot
  • Micro SD card slot

In addition to being the most complete, but still in a flexible format, it is more ”Macish” than Apple’s own. Nice shape and aluminum cover in Apple’s colors, Space gray, Gold and Silver, it matches perfectly. This is very clearly a premium product that delivers high performance. I think that this is the most complete and stylish way to connect external devices to the MacBook Pro.

The price? Satechi list it for $89.99, a little juicy maybe but absolutely worth it.




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