Review: Test of Alogic Ultra USB-C Dock Plus who fixes the connection to the Apple Cinema Display

There are many USB-C hubs to choose from since Apple cleaned the house with the connections on the MacBook. Apple’s own in the ugly, white plastic from the 90s and a great varity from various third-party manufacturers. The most beautiful and best is Satechi, which does what Apple should do itself. They goes perfectly in style with a MacBook. But now there is a competitor with, for some, a very big advantage.

Let’s take a closer look at the Alogic Ultra USB-C Dock Plus. Here is everything you need; HDMI output, USB-A inputs, memory card reader, SD and Micro-SD and ethernet connector. The Alogic Ultra USB ‑ C Dock Plus is able to transmit as much as 100 watts from the USB-C connector. The only thing that is really missing is a headphone jack. The overall quality is high and the cord quite long, which is often an advantage. The color matching in Space Gray is good, the black plastic looks a bit cheap, but overall, this is a premium product.

And the great advantege is that the Alogic also comes with a Mini Display socket. And now it’s starting to get interesting for anyone who is, or now wants to, own an Apple Cinema Display.

Still an amazing screen!

For Apple’s Cinema Display with Mini Disply connection, especially the 27-inch, is a fantastic screen that died when Apple pulled off the mat for it and basically made it unusable overnight for those who switched computers to MacBook with only USB-C. You would think that one of the richest companies in the world could have developed a hub from the start to pair it with a new MacBook. But no! And it has also taken time for third-party manufacturers to fix this. But Alogic has now fixed a solution that works perfectly.

Buying this makes in necessary to grab a real hold of the wallet. The Alogic probably maximizes the price level for USB-C hubs. And of course around SEK 1300 is a hefty price, but then it is included that you can actually start using your Apple Cinema Display again. So the rating will be good, but the purchase recommendation is: by only if you need the MiniDisplay port, otherwise the Satechi Type-C Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter is both a cheaper and better looking choice.