DATSUN 240Z CORGI WHIZZWHEELS 1/43 English Version

My Datsun 240 Z. Worn but still a beauty!

In my opinion, there is perhaps no more beautiful car than a Datsun 240z. Yes, there are as many beautiful cars as possible, but a Datsun 240Z from the early 70s probably beats most things after all. In the early 70s, the Datsun 240Z became a success from day one in the US, a modern sportscar with good performance at a reasonable price, the archetype of a GT (Gran Turismo).

So the love for this car has a long history. A well-used toy car shows an early interest. For some time now, the model is clearly visible in a bookshelf after many years in the attic. But what did the model really look like before a hard life in the boys’ room and sandboxes?

The Internet of course knows! The worn old favorite toy turns out to be a Corgi Datsun 240Z East African Safari Winner 1971 1/43 Diecast Whizzwheel model (394). A toy car that was produced between 1972 – 1976 with model number Corgi 394. It is replica of the winning car in the 19th Safari rally in 1971.

The original
Picture from eBay.

The model has openable front doors and metal front and rear bumpers. The front bumper with four ”rally spotlights”. The interior is white plastic with left steering wheel, the steering wheel should have been gold metal. A red ”rally bow” and a spare tire behind. The base plate should have been black painted metal and is marked at the top with CORGI TOYS and “Made in GT. Britain ”WHIZZWHEELS and” Datsun 240Z ”.

The winning car!

Datsun won the Safari rally in 1971 in a 240z and took Nissan’s second victory in a row. Certainly worth noting with a nice model. The winner car was restored in 2013 to drivable condition and is the similarity to the model great?

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